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Factory Direct and Wholesale Leather Holsters

Welcome, wanderer, to the hallowed halls of Double Jay Ranch Leather!

Step right up and be privy to the artistry born of sweat and toil, where leather and craftsmanship collide in a dance as old as the dusty trails themselves. Here, we specialize in an essential companion for every stalwart gun-totin’ soul: our esteemed gun holsters.

Each holster, crafted with hands weathered by the sun, tells a tale of rugged resilience and steadfast protection. We spare no detail in ensuring that these here holsters not only cradle your firearm but become an extension of your very own being.

Our leathers are handpicked, each stitch meticulously placed, for we believe that a holster ain’t just an accessory; it’s a vow of safety, a pledge of trust between gun and guardian. Be it for the seasoned gunslinger or the greenhorn on the trail, we’ve got the holster to fit your needs.

Saddle up and mosey on through our collection, where every piece echoes the spirit of the untamed West and the grit of those who roam it. Welcome to Double Jay Ranch Leather, where the legacy of the Wild West meets the reliability of craftsmanship. Secure your six-shooter with pride, partner

leather goods, give us a call! 

Just a Sample of Some of Our Holsters

Just a small sampling of holsters we currently offer for both Bond Arms and North American Arms pistols. 

If you’re looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Chances are, we’ve got the exact holster you’re looking for!

Gray Ostrich Avenger

Official Holster Maker for Bond Arms, Inc.

We are one of just a few holster makers for Bond Arms, Inc.. The holsters shown below are manufactured and sold only to Bond Arms themselves and are sold to the public through their network of distributors and dealers. If you’re wanting any of these holsters, please contact Bond Arms at: (817) 573-4445 and speak with customer service. Or, you can check out their website for more information: BONDARMS.COM.

3 inch BA Quickdraw
6 inch BA Driving Holster
6 inch BA quickdraw

About Us

Double Jay Ranch Leather is a small but dedicated team based just 15 miles from the vibrant city of New Orleans.

Established six years ago by Doug and Amy, our humble beginnings sprouted from a personal need. Unable to find a specific holster, Doug, fueled by his passion for craftsmanship, embarked on a journey to create it himself. Thus, Double Jay Ranch Leather was born.

Situated in a 2000-square-foot shop, our home is a testament to both tradition and modernity. Here, amidst the rich culture of New Orleans, we blend the old and the new. Our pride lies in utilizing 140-year-old sewing machines alongside modern equipment, meticulously crafting each holster to perfection.

At Double Jay Ranch Leather, every stitch, every contour, tells a story of dedication and innovation. Doug and Amy’s commitment to quality and precision resonates in every holster, reflecting their unwavering passion for crafting top-tier leather goods.

Explore our collection and experience the embodiment of dedication and craftsmanship. Trust in Double Jay Ranch Leather for holsters that are born from necessity, forged with passion, and delivered with precision.

Why Choose Us

American Made

We're located in the heart of Southeast Louisiana. So, all of our holsters are 100% American Made!

American Leather

We source all of our leather from American tanneries like Hermann Oak, Wickett & Craig and Horween.

Private Label

Your logo, our products. In as little as one month you can have your own line of holsters without a huge investment.

Small Batches

We specialize in small to medium size semi-custom holsters. Tiered wholesale pricing.

Some of Our Customers

We’ll add more as the list grows! But, for now, here’s where to buy!

Get the Ball Rolling!!!

Why wait? It costs nothing to find out about having your own custom line of holsters! Contact us now and see what Double Jay Ranch Leather can do for your business!